Originally from Long Island, New York, Christian Grech is a singer/songwriter who has called Williamsburg, VA home for most of his life.

Music has always been a fixture in Christian’s life. His parents always had music on in the house and in the car, and he developed a deep appreciation for several different genres at an early age. He listened to country music with his dad, but was particularly enamored by the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison and the Gypsy Kings.

Christian moved to New York City after graduating high school to pursue his dream of acting. He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, an acting conservatory in Manhattan, before deciding to take a leave of absence and move home to formulate a plan for pursuing his true love: music. What started as a brief stint at home has evolved into a longer period of Christian developing his sound and style, with the ultimate goal of moving back to the Big Apple in the near future.

While he misses life in New York, Christian has been able to accomplish things at home that would have been impossible as a student living in a big (and very expensive) city, like producing his first EP. Christian was introduced to local Williamsburg producer Corey Pavlosky with Pipe Dream Studios, who produced his first EP that was released last year and is currently available on Spotify. (Search “Christian Grech” to listen.)

Christian writes and sings all of his own music, and loved working with Corey to produce the music to create the finished product for his EP. He is currently playing gigs and working hard to get more on his schedule. So far, he has performed at popular local music spots, but would love to start playing some actual venues. But first, he plans to make more music.

Christian’s writing style draws from a variety of musicians and artists. A lot of his writing influences come from rappers, despite his sound being more alternative rock, or what he describes as “chill alternative pop.”

Christian writes music that comes from the heart with lyrics that come from a place of genuine meaning. He loves the writing style of Jimi Hendrix, Kevin Parker, and The Weeknd and tries to pull some of the lyrical imagery that they would have into his music.

While he draws from various artists for writing inspiration, Christian says his sound is uniquely his. There is no artist who he finds he sounds the most like, he just like to do his own thing and hope it makes people smile.

Christian is currently working on writing more songs and working to build his website and social media presence. This year, he hopes to finalize his brand and seek management.

Christian’s goal is to share his values and views through his music, and share it with as many people as he can. “I just want people to be able to enjoy my content, and just take a little bit of time and just fall into it to take their minds away from what they're currently thinking about,” he says. “I guess that's always been kind of my goal, be it in acting or music. I just want to create some sort of performance or some sort of content that takes people a little bit away from their everyday lives.”